Do you love him?

Tittle: Do you love him?
Author: violetkecil
Beta: mercyray
Pairing: Hunhan (Luhan/Sehun)
Rating: G
Genre: Brothership, fluffy
Length: Ficlet (769 words)
Summary: When Sehun asks himself whether he loves Luhan or not.


That question stuck in his mind. He asks to himself, does he love him? Does he really in love with him? He just can shake his head. That’s wrong. Yes, he loves him as brother. Someone who cares about him protects him and does anything he asks for. But, everyone also know that boy, Luhan is just kind person who never says no. So, maybe that’s why Luhan says yes when he asks him to accompany him go to bubble tea shop. And now, he also knows, Luhan doesn’t love bubble tea as much as he does. Luhan prefers iced Americano as his favorite drink. Now, he asks again to himself, what is he to Luhan? Just brother who he wants to protect? Nothing else? And of course no romance things involve.

He, a boy who has been pursued his dream since five years ago, never fall in love or something like that. Now, asks about love and no one answering. What is love? Yeah that their prologue song title. But, really, what is love? Does love just for boy and girl? Fall in love stuff, boy falls in love with beautiful girl or girl falls in with handsome boy? How about a boy falls in love with adorable boy?

He, Oh Sehun, 19 years old, a boy who love dancing and bubble tea, just shakes his head again and sits in the corner of dance room. Watching his favourite Hyung dancing. His favourite Hyung who now stucks in his mind, Luhan.

HunHan. SeHan. Bubble tea couple. And other names made by fans who ship them together. Fans maybe think they’re for real. Yes, of course, this brotherhood and friendship are real. More than real, maybe. But, who knows? there’s blur borderline between friendship and love.

And that’s all, make Sehun crazy enough.

“Luhan Hyung maybe has hole in his body now.”


Sehun finds Suho sits beside him, drinking from bottle and offering that drink to him. He just shakes his head. He’s not thirsty.

“You can’t take your eyes from him since an hour ago we’re here.”


“That’s true Sehun-ah. Like I’ve said on interview. You look like fall in love with him.”

“It’s not like that.”

“And then what?”

“He’s good brother.”

“Then, do you love him?”

“Aish, Hyung, you’re really annoying. Just tell that to the world. Yes, I love Luhan Hyung.”

Suho shows his big smile but Sehun turns pale slowly. Luhan stands in front of them.

“You say what? You love who?”

“An-aniyo Hyung, it’s not like that.” Sehun answers with tremble voice.

“Then, do you not love me?”

“Hyung, please…”

Suho’s smile is getting wider and he leaves that boys. He wants to laugh when see Sehun’s face. But, he knows it’s not nice attitude. Suho knew how Sehun loved Luhan. That maknae couldn’t stop talk about Luhan before they go to sleep. Suho also knew how excited Sehun if Luhan comeback from China. And of course all members knew about this OTP. HunHan. From the beginning. And their management, SMEnt, looks like they knew about these two adorable boys too. That’s why they have teaser together.

“Luhan Hyung,” Sehun says with aegyo. “I love you Hyung.”

“Really?” Luhan looks into Sehun’s eyes with his adorable-doe-eyes who make all fangirls scream.

“Yes, do you believe me?”

“Of course, I knew you love me Sehun-ah. You always tag along everywhere I go.”

“I’m not, I can’t go with you to China.”

“That’s true, but, if you can, will you follow me to China?”

Sehun nods. He is shy. Honestly, he likes being together with Luhan. That’s why he always wants to by his side when they’re on stage, except when introduction part, where the management has arranged where they stand on stage. If he can asks to manager, or CEO, he wants stand beside Luhan.

“Hyung, how if I fall in love with you?”

Luhan becomes silent. Looks into Sehun’s eyes. That eyes never lie. Sehun never lie. That’s one thing Luhan loves from Sehun. Deep in his heart he loves Sehun. In love, but he knew this society never accept something like that. So, he just makes it blur in their friendship. As his brother, not his lover. But, like Sehun, Luhan also can’t lie.

Sehun waits him to say something. Luhan wants to say ‘let’s fall in love together then’. In the end he can’t. He still wonders what Sehun really feel about him.

“Then, just let yourself fall in love.”

Only those words come from Luhan’s mouth. Yes, let that feeling flow slowly and truly, and then we’ll wait when Luhan tells Sehun the truth. And when Sehun really in love with Luhan. With no doubt and no more question.


violetkecil’s note: Big thanks sista for beta-ing my first story (in this kinda story, yeah you know what I mean, lol) *hug* Let’s make another cheesy story again. How about your Mr. Darcy?

And hey you!!! Leave your comments after read this, okay? Love you all~

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9 pemikiran pada “Do you love him?

  1. i like your fic Do you love him? very much.
    I dont know this fic is asked for trans or not But I really want to translate it into my language.It’s okay??? i ‘ll give u the link when i’m done. 🙂
    Waiting for your reply ^^

      • Uhm. Vietnamese. This fic includes all things I just think love story of HunHan. Love is complex and who is in love may be can understand / a little or a lot / about it 😀
        thanks for your permission.
        I will send the link as soon as I finish the translation ^^

  2. Halo eon ^^)/ inggris ku gk bagus2 amat jadi aku nyari cerita yg inggrisnya gk terlalu rumit dan aku ketemu sama ff ini ekekeke lumayan buat nambah words, you have a reall good ff, as always me and they said :] daebak ^^ ailofyu deh eon #plak :3 nyehehe

  3. first time to be beta. *nervous*
    will be waiting for that second installment, i don’t mind beta-ing it, if you want to 😉
    Please don’t let Sehun’s hanging like… i am waiting….

    Mr. Darcy is on your hand now, i hope is not too cheesy…

    • *big hug sista~~ I’m kinda nervous when write this story, you know I love two boys there, make them together is easier than end up on of them with a girl >_< kekekeke…
      I'll write again and you should beta-ing again~

      thank you for reading and commenting^^

      btw, there your Mr. Darcy come to my blog, kekekeke XD

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