Recommended Fanfic: 48 Hours


Original fanfiction written by 辛辛息息
Translated by heecups, flyingbacons and wasabilxx on twitter

Dear boys, welcome to the white paradise, the most magical house in LA. Let’s play a game.

The game is very simple and has only two rules:

  1. After 48 hours, only one boy should be alive in this house.
  2. The last two boys who are alive should belong to one team.

At which point will your life start counting down, you will never know.

If I knew that at that very moment, my eyes were the sole recorder of this entire episode, the only precious nd exclusive memory. I would have insisted on keeping it wide open to observe every single person. If time could rewind to that very moment, I would definitely be willing to pay for it at all cost.

“I was thinking…” He said, “What if dreams were genuine in existence, while reality’s all just a dream?”
“If we were to wake up from reality again, where would we be?” I stared at the ground in front of me.
“If we were to wake up from reality again,” He smirked, “Let’s just die.”
To be honest, death’s just waking up from a dream. This was a sweet and beautiful dream; in this dream, we spent so much time together, wouldn’t we be better off waking up from this dream together? We won’t lose our way.


Many at times, situations come this close as to the expected outcome.


Never doubt, the best moment of your life you were experiencing. You just don’t know it.


Some things were better left unmentioned.

“When are you going to kill me?”


“I forgive you.”


It was only until yesterday, a tuesday morning that the police located a few boys in the villa of a suburban farm.Unfortunately, when they were discovered, only one male was alive, sitting in the tub,attempting to swallow great amounts of heart disease pills. His Chinese name is Wu Yi Fan, English name Kris, 24 years of age…

“And God has allowed you to live, perhaps this may be no reward but sufferings you were meant to receive, punishments.”

It only stops when you fall in love.


I thought that was a road that would never end, but I became alone inadvertently. The place beside my shoulder is emptied, the person, those people, who you have been walking with, you’d never know when they have walked out of your life.

Never doubt, the best moment of your life you were experiencing. You just don’t know it.



All quotes/words above are from 48 Hours.

Credit to heecups

Graphics are not mine. Credit to rightful owner.


Read analysis here:

48 hours: Analysis

48 hours: The Psychiatrist 


[UPDATE] read in Indonesian language here!



This is great fanfiction I ever read. YOU MUST READ IT guys. I found this fanfic when I did blogwalking on tumblr. I visited 12eclipse and saw some amazing graphics with title ’48 Hours’, then I went to the link they given to heecups. Finally I end up read this fanfic for about 2 hours. That’s so great. This story still stuck in my mind now. I have asked permission to the translator to share this fanfic on AFF. but she didn’t allow me. I fully understand why, so I just share my little review here. I really want all of you read this.

Anyone here have read this fanfic?

Let’s discuss with me, just leave yours on comment box.

76 pemikiran pada “Recommended Fanfic: 48 Hours

  1. Kakak slesaiin smua chapter hanya dalam wktu 2 jam?
    Wew. Keren. Kalo nggak salah dulu aku butuh lebih dari dua hari buat nylesaiinnya ._.
    Itu aja dibela belain nglembur malem malem T.T
    Dan itupun juga stelah berbulan bulan nolak mbaca hanya gara gara genrenya yg serem gitu. Tapi emang keren banget ni aaaaaaaaaa. Nggak nyesel deh gak nyesel..

    reviewnya keren kak. Gif sma poster posternya juga.
    Kalo boleh tau, itu yg official posternya si author mandarin yang mana ya?

    • benar 2 jam, dan benar2 mindblowing plus heartbreaker ini ff..
      aku nyiapin mental dulu sebelum ini, karena walau aku penggemar angst tp aku bkn penggemar ff dengan genre gore.

      nah setau aku gak ada yg official..

  2. kak.. ak udah baca yg udah d translate k indo.. kece bener.. yg nulis imajinasiny tingkat dewa dn kreatif bgt..
    btw ad recommend fic lain gx kak? ak lgi demen baca nih kak.. yg straight dund kak..

  3. Ping balik: My Colections
  4. unni! gomaweo udah ngasih recommend ff ya! aku uda baca lhoo >^<
    (walau awalnya sempet ogah soalnya genrenya suspense gitu)
    iya beneran ternyata mindblowing banget, bahkan waktu aku di toilet gitu kepikiran kemana mayatnya si chen sama xiuxiu T____T
    cuma yang bikin aku penasaran itu, yang waktu baekkie mati di toilet itu sebenernya perbuatannya sapa -_- terus kenapa kris ngebunuh lay padahal mereka bisa survive, kan mereka satu team? :O menurut unnie gimana?
    tapi emang keren banget ya unn pas adegan kris mau ngebunuh lay itu … hiks ….. T_____________________T
    oiya anterograde tomorrow sama absolute chanyeol itu bagus pake buanget ya unn! Itu ffs sukses bikin mata bocor haduh T___T

  5. Halo unnie ^^
    aku baru aja selesai baca ff nya kemaren._. wkwk. habis nemu post ini, aku langsung buruan baca FF nya._. dan ternyata… ITU BAHASA INGGRISNYA ADA YANG GAKBISA DITRANSLATE PAKE GOOGLETRANSLATE FFnya DAEBAK! Awesome! ;A; walaupun bingung itu xiuxiu sama jongdae kemana ‘-‘ dan parahnya lagi abang kris akhirnya sendirian T-T /nangis dibelakang tao/ #alah
    sayang ya unnie FF nya gak dibolehin ditrans ke indo ._. padahal kalo diizinin translate, bakal banyak tuh peminatnya ‘-‘

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