Kyuhyun’s Interview on Naver Movie

Kyuhyun recommends movies that you have to watch.

Kyuhyun’s first recommendation is: Titanic
Kyuhyun: Not long ago, I heard news that this filmed was going to be rescreened in 3D, and I felt I had to watch it again, so I went to the cinema in the middle of the night. This movie was not filmed in the 3D format, but was instead edited into the 3D from its original work, it was a little tiring for the eyes, but even after watching it again I still feel that the film was very well made. At the ending when the screen was already showing “My Heart Will Go On,” at that time there were dozens of people in the theatre but no one left. When I felt weird as to why no one was getting up, I realised it was because I was too touched, it gave me goosebumps. The other audiences seemed to be like me, deeply immersing themselves in the feel that the movie left us with, and could not leave their seats.

Kyuhyun’s second recommendation is: The Big Swindle
Kyuhyun: I really like this production. I’ve watched it more than 20 times, I think I’m already able to memorise all the lines. The series of events that screenwriters designed was very interesting, which were complemented with the charms of the personalities of the characters. But amongst the numerous characters, I was really amazed by senior Park Shin Yang’s acting. Senior has always flawlessly played handsome and intelligent roles, but in The Big Swindle, he perfectly portrayed his slovenly swindler character, which is extraordinary.

Kyuhyun’s third recommendation is: Ip Man
Kyuhyun: In all of Donnie Yen’s films, my favourite is “Ip Man”. This film allows us to feel the dynamism and vigour of Chinese martial arts films, a vivid and realistic production. With its credible acting and solid martial arts, this film brought to the audiences the life of Ip Man. And with the ingenious integration of the period scenes, this movie not only brings forth the feeling of satisfaction, but also deeply conveys a poignant feeling.

Kyuhyun’s fourth recommendation is: The Scent Of Love
Kyuhyun: I watched it because I like the actress Jang Jin Young, this is an unforgettable and heartrending film. Park Hae Il plays a man who loves wholeheartedly, even though there were some scenes that was not very realistic, but this film will be able to call upon the romantic feeling of first love in everyone’s hearts. Recently, I watched this film again, and felt “Ah~ how beautiful”, and then followed the story and felt very sad .

Kyuhyun’s fifth recommendation is: The Greatest Game Ever Played
Kyuhyun: I like movies which are adapted from true stories. The Greatest Game Ever Played illustrates the twists and turns of the story of an American professional golfer, and how he finally manages to participate in the finals and win despite much difficulty. Somehow I feel that it is a little similar to my story, and had many familiar feelings. My father is in the education business, so in the beginning when I told him I wanted to become a singer he said, “Once you become a singer, you won’t be able to study, and if you fail to get into university then other people will ask (me) “Have you taught your son well?”” At that time I was scolded very badly, an faced a lot of opposition. But more recently my family has been coming to watch my musicals and overseas performances. It is the same for the lead in the movie. His father was initially against his golfing career, but after finally seeing his son’s win, he became to also like cheering his son on together with other people. When I saw that scene, it brought back many memories.

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