Interview on Kyunghyang News with Kyuhyun (June 26, 2012)

Singer, Musical, MC…. “Gaining Recognition” in his “Second life”

Super Junior Kyuhyun

For an idol singer who is willing to do anything in order to make him become recognisable by the public and let his personality be known the public, his image as a “good student” is maybe like something that ties him down and plus he has that charming eye expression. As such, Super junior’s maknae/lead singer Kyuhyun who have debuted for more than 5 years has finally make a name out of himself. The rate that he make a name out of himself and the charisma that he gave off is quite surprising. Due to his last year’s involvement in “Immortal Song 2″, his singing skills were being recognised and he gain many fans through it. He is slowly opening himself out on musical stages. Not only that, he also shows off his talking skills and other skills that he have. He says without these skills, it difficult to stay on in the entertainment business especially as a MC. The special thing was that his personality didn’t match Radio Star that kind of talk show.. His charming smile and his evil tongue which is use to shoot people. His shocking personality is also slowly getting recognised by people.

– I heard that evil tongued Kyuhyun is different from normal time. ( referring to behind cameras, in the dorm he being evil is more obvious)

Truthfully, before joining Radio Star, I was known by my hyungs as ‘Super Junior’s Kim Gura’ My style of talking is talking very bluntly especially when sporting out mistakes especially Yesung and Donghae hyung gets criticised by me a lot of times. Back in school, I acted like a small child, making fun of others and kept fooling around. Ah! Meeting someone for the first time and talking in this way(Kyu talking nonsense in here) , is not my style!

Q:The image of being a role model student is quite surprising eh?

A:Although It was not really the image of being a role model student but when I was in high school, I became a student leader. Made many friends through it and I was really happy. I’m that kind of person that can lead people in a very crazy and funny way. Actually having the image of a role model student is not bad, it gives off the feeling that you are a good child and gentle. I got into trouble with friends for quite a lot of time but the weird thing was that I didn’t get punished at all. My friends were all punished.

Q:When was it that you decided to become a singer?

A:Back in school, I was the main singer in a band for quite a long time… I like singing but I didn’t knw how to become a singer, what was I supposed to do to become a singer. Plus my father violently disagree on my dreams of becoming a singer. Father ask me to attend some classes for the preparation of the admission for university exam. If I dont study well for my university entrance exam, in future I will have a big burden. The eve of the university entrance exam, I went to join a singing competition for teenagers. Never did I expected that I would be spotted by an SM agent and got a chance to train in SM. But my parents disagree strongly to that idea of me entering SM to be a trainee. It was after i got the mail that I was accepted into a university than my parents allowed. Like that I joined Super Junior after SJ debuted just a few months ago.

Q:So many group members + those who are the oldest in the group. Like Leeteuk, Kangin, Heechul, Shindong gets the most attention, won’t you feel worried?

A:Back than i was 20 years old, Leeteuk was 24 years old. Because I felt that I was still too young, I still got time to practice more. Because there are so many other members that are so talented. I didnt have the idea that I wanted to be in the spotlight. But when I reached 20 years old, there were not many promotions that we did for SJ so I kinda got worried that I didn’t have enough public appearances!!! The Feel that you are still standing in the same place, not moving at all( not gaining) but I think that as long as you do your best, there will hope after all ^^

Q:First time doing activities by yourself was “The Three Musketeers” right?

A:Heard that I recieved lots of scolding after it was announced that an idol singer will be acting in the musical. This kind of comments makes me wants to overcome it even more. At first, was scolded for quite a number of times but slowly people realised that there was nothing wrong with idol singer acting in musicals, it was okay and I start to recieved compliments from it. This kind of reaction interestingly shows that time can solve everything. Now I’m experiencing the same thing with “Radio Star” now.

Q:Is there any interesting episode when you are choosing as the MC of “radio star”?

A:Yes, when I attend the entertain programme I didn’t show myself out. But i didn’t even thought that Kim Gura sunbaenim recommend me. And during that time ” radio star “are facing some problems, maybe the staff already focus on it, didn’t think of others things.

Q:As a Singer who debut for 7 years, what do you think you have changed the most ?

A:On that time I am worried about my future , and felt uneasy of all the things that I could’t handle. But now i could challenge everythings, i have confidence.

Q:During debut aren’t there many things happened? When the traffic accdient happens(2007 kyuhyun with suju members)?

A:After the accdient ,my view of life has been greatly changed, after the accident i felt thankful for everythings and become more active, and this is my second life.

Q:After casting on ” Immortal Song “, did you receive more comment on “can’t image that kyuhyun xi could sing such well”?

A:No matter when super junior are performing or entertaining , we are a group which could give everyone happiness. There always have no chances for me to show my voices. All dreams can’t be come true easily , same as our life, we must lose something when we gain something.

Q:Other than these performance , there are few chances for showing your voices, aren’t u feel sad?

A:Yes , when i thinking about it i would feel uncomfortable. As a singer and compare when i am singing, in entertainment side or other sides could receive recognition and love , i am very thankful, but actually everyone likes me as singer the most right ? But i am prepared, so please look forward to chances for me to show my voices .

Kyuhyun says, I think i quite handsome when i at school, but after become a member of sj i didn’t think so . But i seems to be the most kind one.

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