EXO at Disneyland (120519)

Titled EXO, but… I just post picture I like the most, especially Luhan and Kris, also HunHan moment and other cute random photos.

All photos credit : as tagged via ekokm.com
Reupload and reshared here by violetkecil

start from Genie Updates ~~ Love they are being 12^^ together

Here are from their Weibo Update.

Luhan and Sehun ^^ HunHan is real *Hunhan shipper mode on* LOL Luhan-a~~ thats apple hair. You always look cute dear~~

then… Lukai ^^ Luhan and Kai

Kris looks so mature with his cute dongsaeng Baekhyun ^^

And… Kris, are really human? Why so cool and handsome?

Here are random cute photos from cute boy, Luhan ^^chuuu~~

“Did Suho help Luhan to tidy up his hair, make an apple hair style?”

This boy, He’s 22 yo and still so cute like this ^^

ㅋㅋㅋㅋblack-pink-mask ^^ I know, I love pink so much~ also love you #plak

and now Kris turn…

I have no idea why he looks so handsome, cool and mature. He should be my Oppa >.< yeah, we’re 90lines, right?

with Chanyeol. Kris-Chanyeol moment? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

I don’t know why, but I love Kris on this photos. Looks so …. >.< melt. And he with Sehun.

And…. Ya!!! Sehun-ah~~ you make Noona going crazy >,<

yeah~~ and Tao always with his Panda ^^ uri Kungfu Panda Tao..

Maknae moment ^^ like it~~

Uri EXO K leader, Suho ^^ nice pose dear~~

Sehun-ah~~ Suho-ya~~ I wish I was there.

Trio Xiumin, Suho and Luhan. But… Luhan-ah, whose that bag? T_T

How cute Baekhyun and Chen~~ I want that back hug too #plak

All wet >.< but, still, Kris, so….

Kris~~ just stand there, like a model…

Now, random, love the way they smile and laugh together.

Enough. Internet connection make me… ggrrrrrr T_T


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